Areas of Expertise

“The University of Toronto continues to house one of the leading Centres for the analysis of the intersections of criminal justice and law across the globe.”

— George Pavlich, Sally E. Merry, Delores Jones-Brown. UTQAP Cyclical Review: Report (2018) p.2

Our faculty members’ substantive research interests currently include:

  • Prisons and imprisonment
  • Gender and punishment
  • The effects of race on criminal justice processes
  • Judicial reform in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Variations in homicide patterns across the twentieth century
  • Changing notions of “risk” in probation and parole decision-making
  • Bail court decision-making
  • International criminal law and war crimes prosecutions; Human rights regimes
  • International migration and its relation to crime and victimization
  • Municipal by-law enforcement and municipal dispute resolution mechanisms
  • The policing of internal migration in Russia
  • Harm reduction approaches in relation to illegal drugs

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