Enrolment & Completion Requirements – Major

Enrolment Requirements:

This is a limited enrolment program and achieving the minimum mark threshold does not guarantee admission to the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies major in any given year. The precise mark threshold is an estimate of what will be required in the Spring program admission cycle.

Applying after first year:

  1. Completion of at least four full-course equivalents including two full-course equivalents with the following course code indicators: ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC.
  2. The two ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC full-course equivalents must be taken in the Fall and Winter terms immediately preceding the Spring program admission cycle.
  3. Any course and level combination from the ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC list is acceptable.
  4. Courses with other course code indicators will not be accepted.
  5. The estimated mark threshold in these two full-course equivalents is a combined average of 70%.

Applying after second or third year: Same as above.


  1. Requests for admission will be considered in the first program request period only. See How to Apply to Programs on the Sidney Smith Commons for detailed program enrolment instructions and application deadlines for restricted programs.
  2. Due to the limited enrolment nature of this program students are strongly advised to enroll in backup programs.

Completion Requirements:

The following requirements apply to students admitted to the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies major in 2018.
Students must complete a total of 8.0 FCEs including a minimum of 2.0 CRI 300+level FCEs, of these 0.5 must be a 400-level CRI course. A course taken on a CR/NCR basis may not be used to satisfy program requirements.

  1. 2.0 FCEs from ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC
  2. All of CRI205H1CRI210H1CRI225H1
  3. At least 2.0 300+ level FCEs from Group A, at least 0.5 must be a 400-level lecture/seminar course
  4. At least 0.5 from Group B
  5. Additional courses (excluding those already counted) from Groups A and C for a total of 8.0 FCEs

Note: Students may use a maximum of 1.0 Independent Study FCE and 1.0 Research Participation FCE towards the Criminology & Sociolegal Studies program.

Group A: CRI300H1CRI335H1CRI340H1CRI343H1CRI364H1CRI365H1CRI370H1CRI380H1/CRI383H1CRI385H1CRI386H1CRI390H1CRI391H1CRI392H1CRI393H1CRI394H1/CRI395H1CRI396H1CRI415H1CRI420H1CRI422H1CRI425H1CRI427H1CRI428H1/CRI429H1CRI431H1CRI435H1CRI445H1CRI480H1CRI487H1CRI490H1CRI491H1/CRI498H1

Group B: PSY201H1PSY202H1/SOC200H/ SOC202H1CRI350H1

Group C: ANT444Y/ HIS411H1PHL271H1PHL370H1PSY220H1PSY240H1PSY328H1/SOC205H1SOC212H1/ SOC306Y/ SOC313H1SOC315H1SOC413H1TRN412H1CRI215H1/CRI389Y0

Important Notes:

  1. Group C Courses: These courses are offered by other academic units. Registration in these courses may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites and/or are enrolled in a program sponsored by the academic unit offering the course. Check the Faculty of Arts and Science’s timetable for details.
  2. Students who have completed criminology/sociolegal type courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science (not included in Group C) may email the Program Coordinator to find out if theses courses can be used towards the Group C requirements.