Finding a Doctoral Supervisor

In planning your application, we strongly encourage you to identify one or more possible supervisors, as well as possible dissertation committee members. You should also approach such faculty members to ascertain whether they might be interested in supervising you.

No PhD application will be successful, no matter how well-qualified the applicant, if no member of the faculty is willing to take on (at least initially) the supervision work. Thus, successful PhD applicants are invariably those who are very familiar with the research interests of at least some members of our faculty and who have had preliminary contacts with potential supervisors.

Where necessary, the Graduate Coordinator can facilitate contact with relevant members of faculty; however, the more information you already have about who we are and what we do here, the smoother the process will be.

Not all faculty members who are shown on our website are eligible to serve as a doctoral student’s main supervisor. Only the professors whose names appear below are eligible — check our doctoral supervisor tool to see their research interests.