Jessica Bundy

photo of Jessica Bundy
PhD Student, 2017


Research Interests

Race and the criminal justice system, policing, narratives


Supervisor: Scot Wortley

Exploring urban African Nova Scotian perceptions of and experiences with the criminal justice system.


Acadia University – M.A.,Sociology
Acadia University – B.A. (Hons) Sociology


Jessica Bundy is currently a PhD student at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies. Originally from Nova Scotia, her work centers around race, narrative, police and the broader criminal justice system. Jessica’s doctoral work explores the experiences of the urban African Nova Scotian community with the criminal justice system, specifically the police.


Bundy, J. (2016) ‘Nova Scotia’s Best Kept Secret’: African Nova Scotian Perceptions of the Police in Digby, MA Thesis, Acadia University

Bundy, J. (2015) The Problem of the Coloured Child: Child Welfare Services after the Halifax Explosion. Honours BA Thesis, Acadia University.


Bundy, J. (May 2018). African Nova Scotian Women’s Experiences with the police. Presentation at Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (BCSA), Regina, SK.

Bundy, J. (May 2017). Black Perceptions of the Police in Rural Nova Scotia, presentation at the Black Canadian Studies Association Conference at Brandon University, Brandon, MB.

Bundy, J. (November 2016). Unsilencing Voices: African Nova Scotian Perceptions of the Police in Digby, presentation of Master’s Thesis at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s Decolonizing Conference, Toronto, ON.