Alex Luscombe

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PhD Student, 2017
Tel: 416.946.5298
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Research Interests

Policing, corruption, white collar crime, freedom of information law, research methods


Supervisor: Matthew Light


University of Victoria, Sociology, BA (Honours), 2008-2012
Carleton University, Sociology, MA, 2013-2015
University of Toronto, Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, PhD, 2017-Present


Alex Luscombe is a PhD student in the Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies and a Junior Fellow at Massey College. Currently, he is editing a book titled Privatization, Private Influences, and Criminal Justice in Canada (with D. Silva and K. Walby, under advanced contract with UBC Press). His dissertation research is on the policing of corruption and economic crime in Canada.

Selected Publications

Walby, Kevin, and Alex Luscombe (eds). In press. Freedom of Information and Social Science Research Design. New York: Routledge.

Walby, Kevin, and Alex Luscombe. 2018. “Research Ethics and Freedom of Information Requests in Qualitative Research.” Research Ethics 14(4): 1-15.

Luscombe, Alex. 2018. “Deception Declassified: The Social Organisation of Cover Storying in a Secret Intelligence Operation.” Sociology 52(2): 400-415.

Walby, Kevin, Randy K. Lippert, and Alex Luscombe. 2017. “The Police Foundation’s Rise: Issues and Implications for Public Policing’s Dark Money.” The British Journal of Criminology 58(4): 824-844.

Fridman, Daniel, and Alex Luscombe. 2017. “Gift-Giving, Disreputable Exchange, and the Management of Donations in a Police Department.” Social Forces 96(2): 507-528.

Luscombe, Alex, and Kevin Walby. 2017. “Theorizing Freedom of Information: The Live Archive, Obfuscation, and Actor-Network Theory.” Government Information Quarterly 34(3): 379-387.

Luscombe, Alex, Kevin Walby, and Randy K. Lippert. 2017. “Brokering Access Beyond the Border and in the Wild: Comparing Freedom of Information Experiences in Canada and the United States.” Law & Policy 39(3): 259-279.

Walby, Kevin, and Alex Luscombe. 2017. “Criteria for Quality in Qualitative Inquiry and Use of Freedom of Information Requests in Social Research.” Qualitative research 17(5): 537-553.

Walters, Walters, and Alex Luscombe. 2016. “Hannah Arendt and the Art of Secrecy; Or, the Fog of Cobra Mist.” International Political Sociology 11(1): 5-20.

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