Current PhD Students

Samantha Aeby (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Scot Wortley

Fernando Avila (MA Criminology, National University of Litoral, Argentina)

PhD Supervisors: Kelly Hannah-Moffat and Paula Maurutto
Research Interests: Imprisonment, Punishment, Prison sociology

Jacqueline Briggs (MA English, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research Interests: Indigenous justice; legal history; the development of legal aid in Canada; the legal profession and colonialism.
Current projects: Department of Indian Affairs legal aid from 1880s to 1960s; the ‘end’ of the Indian Agents.
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Jessica Bundy (MA Sociology, Acadia University)

PhD Supervisor: Scot Wortley
Research Interests: Race and the criminal justice system, policing, narratives

Adam Ellis (MA Immigration & Settlement, Ryerson)

PhD Supervisor: Scot Wortley
Research Interests: Trauma, PTSD and gang violence

Giancarlo Fiorella (MA Socio-Legal Studies, York)

PhD Supervisor: B. Jauregui
Research Interests:Protest policing, repression, political violence in Venezuela.

Julius Haag (MA Sociology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Scot Wortley
Research Interests: Policing, Youth Crime, Systemic Racism, Terrorism, Qualitative Methods

Sabeen Kazmi

PhD Supervisor: Beatrice Jauregui
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Anti-Terrorism Laws, Military Intervention, Decolonization, Islamaphobia, Anti-Colonial Theory.

Tyler Joseph King (MA Criminology, U of T) 

PhD Supervisor: Catherine Evans
Research interests:
Neurolaw, Criminal Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Wrongful Convictions

Daniel Konikoff (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Beatrice Jauregui
Research Interests: Criminal Justice and Technology

Jihyun Kwon (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisors: Kelly Hannah-Moffat and Audrey Macklin
Research Interests: administrative oversight of law enforcement, complaint and accountability procedures, dispute resolution, bureaucratic governance

Erick Laming (MA Legal Studies, Carleton University)

PhD Supervisor: Scot Wortley
Research Interests: Policing; police use of force; police accountability; criminal justice reform; criminal justice policy; comparative criminal justice

Kadija Lodge-Tulloch (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor:Scot Wortley
Research Interests: offender reentry, corrections, reintegration, post-release programs.

Alex Luscombe (MA Sociology, Carleton University)

PhD Supervisor: Matthew Light
Research Interests: Policing; national security, research methods; freedom of information law

Valentin Pereda Aguado (MA International Security, Warwick UK)

PhD Supervisor: Matthew Light
Research Interests: Organized crime, organized violence, extra-legal governance, organizational theory, violent non-state actors.

Serdar San (MA Criminology, Ontario UOIT)

PhD Supervisor: Matthew Light
Research Interests: Policing in authoritarian societies, democratic policing, democracy and authoritarianism, terrorism, counterterrorism, deradicalization/disengagement, international police cooperation, Turkish politics.
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Mayana C. Slobodian (MA Social & Political Thought, York)

PhD Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research Interests: Indigenous and postcolonial sociolegal studies; Commissions of inquiry and the production of state knowledges; Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada
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Andrea Moran Sterling (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research Interests: Sex work regulation, sociolegal theory, sexuality and the law

Grace Tran (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Audrey Macklin and Mariana Valverde
Research interests: Sociolegal Theory, Immigration, Citizenship; Regulation of Sexuality and Morality.

Grant Valentine (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Paula Maurutto
Research Interests: The interplay between emotionality and the administration of criminal justice in Canada; legislative reform; criminal justice policy.

Jordana Wright (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research interests: Land use planning and regulation, law and the aesthetics of the built environment, and the geographies of property
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Dikla Yogev (MA Sociology, Tel Aviv University)

PhD Supervisor: Matthew Light
Research Interests: Policing, Comparative Criminology, Research Methods, Program Evaluation

Jona Zyfi (MA Criminology, U of T)

PhD SupervisorAudrey Macklin
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms in relation to immigration regulation, forced and irregular migration, the criminalization and securitization of asylum seekers, refugee protection and status determination, and the intersections of citizenship, belonging, state sovereignty/power and human rights.

Recent graduates

Brenna Keatinge (MA Sociology, U of T)

Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research Interests: Urban governance, civic participation, place-making, neighbourhood politics, legal geography, society and law

Katharina Maier (MA Criminology, U of T)

Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner
Research Interests: Punishment, prison sociology, rehabilitation and desistance, gender and crime, qualitative methods
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Vanessa Iafolla

Supervisor: Matthew Light
Research Interests: Money laundering, terrorist financing, legal regulation, risk theory, regulatory compliance, financial literacy, fraud and victimization, social dimensions of law and money.
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Maria Jung (MA Criminology, U of T)

Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner
Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology
Ryerson University
Research Interests: Immigration and Crime, Urban Communities and Crime, Interpersonal Violence, Homicide, Gender and Crime, Youth Justice, Research Methods, Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law
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Olena Kobzar

Assistant Professor, Law and Society
York University

Alexandra Lysova (Doctor of Sciences, Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner
Research Interests: Sociology of crime, gender and crime, partner/family violence, homicide, dating violence, corporal punishment of children, crime and alcohol use in Russia and post-Soviet countries
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Natasha Madon

Supervisor: Anthony Doob
Research Interests: Young offenders, youth justice, youths’ perceptions of the justice system, and social exclusion and crime.
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Nicole Myers

Assistant Professor, Criminology
Simon Fraser University

Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
University of Toronto, Mississauga

Holly Pelvin (MA Criminology, U of T)

Supervisor: Rosemary Gartner
Research Interests: Imprisonment, corrections, gender, and punishment.

Holly defended her PhD at the Centre in September 2017. Her dissertation, entitled “Doing uncertain time: Understanding the experience of punishment in pre-trial custody” was supervised by Rosemary Gartner. It was based on data collected at four maximum security institutions in Ontario, including 120 interviews with male and female remand prisoners, and 40 staff. Holly’s future research will build on her interests in punishment and pre-trial custody, criminal justice institutions, intersectionality, the state, and qualitative methods. Holly is currently a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta, where she will be working under the supervision of Sandra Bucerius . Her postdoctoral research will examine Indigenous peoples’ experience of pre-trial custody in Alberta, and explore if and how the legacy of colonialism and failed state policies may influence this experience.

Meghana Rao (MA Media Studies, Hyderabad, India)

Supervisor: Mariana Valverde
Research interests: Conversations surrounding criminalizing and decriminalizing of suicide in India; the ways in which the legal and the medical institutions interact around the issue of suicide and sexuality in the lives of the transgender individuals. My research interests are in the area of socio-legal theory, gender and sexuality, activism and development studies.

Rashmee Singh

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Legal Studies
University of Waterloo

Tara Watson

Tara Marie Watson defended her PhD at the Centre in October 2013. Her dissertation examined substance abuse policy and related practices within Canadian federal prisons. She has longstanding research interests in drug policy, harm reduction, corrections, and organizational risk management. Throughout her time as a PhD student, Tara Marie worked as a research coordinator at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. That work gave her much experience with qualitative data analysis and community-based research about harm reduction programs. Tara Marie also served as the graduate student representative for the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies (CoPAS) for several years.