Anthony Doob, C.M., FRSC

photo of Anthony Doob
Professor Emeritus of Criminology
A.B. (Harvard University), Ph.D. (Psychology, Stanford University)
Tel: 416.946.7429

Ongoing & Future Research

In collaboration with Cheryl Webster, at the University of Ottawa, I have been exploring the stability (and more recently the changes) in criminal justice policies in Canada. Since at least the mid-20 th century, Canada enjoyed a relatively stable rate of imprisonment of adult offenders. At the same time, there were, during this same period, quite dramatic changes in the rates of reported crime and the laws governing punishment. In that context, then, the changes that have taken place since 2006 represent a rather dramatic break from past policies and practices. In addition, I have maintained my interest in the operation of the courts and in the bail system in Canada.

Recent and forthcoming publications

Webster, Cheryl Marie and Anthony N. Doob (2018).  Penal Optimism:  Understanding American Mass Imprisonment from a Canadian Perspective. In Kevin Reitz (ed.) American Exceptionalism in Crime and Punishment.  New York: Oxford University Press. (Pages 121-180) DOI: 10.1093/oso/9780190203542.001.0001

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