Core Faculty


Audrey Macklin (L.L.M., Yale)

Teaches: Migration, Citizenship, Human Rights, Administrative Law
Research Interests: domestic, international and comparative migration, refugee, citizenship and human rights


Core Faculty

Honor Brabazon (Ph.D., Oxford)

Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  criminalization of dissent, new approaches to law by social movements, and broader theoretical questions about the transformative potential of law.

Anthony Doob (Ph.D., Stanford)

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Punishment policy; courts; youth justice.

Catherine Evans (Ph.D., Princeton)

Assistant Professor
: Sociolegal Studies, History of Criminal Justice, Guilt, Responsibility and Forensics
Research Interests: History of criminal law in the British empire, criminal responsibility, forensics and the mind.

Rosemary Gartner (Ph.D., Wisconsin)

Professor Emeritus
Teaches: Methodological Issues in Criminology
Research Interests: Historical and comparative patterns in violence; women’s violent victimization and offending; gender and punishment.

Kelly Hannah-Moffat (Ph.D., Toronto)

Teaches: Deviance and Social Control, Punishment
Research Interests: Risk; actuarial governance; prisons; gender and punishment

Beatrice Jauregui (Ph.D., Chicago)

Assistant Professor
: Policing, Rights and Security, Qualitative Methods
Research interests: policing, state violence, security, corruption, political-legal ethnography, South Asia


Matthew Light (Ph.D., Yale)

Associate Professor
Teaches: Policing, Organized Crime
Research Interests: Post-Soviet legal issues, including migration controls, policing, corruption, criminal justice, individual rights.

Kerry Taylor (D. Jur, Osgoode Hall)

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Teaches: Sociolegal Studies, Indigenous Justice
Research Interests: Penology, bioethics, human rights & reconciliation, social/environmental justice, food security.

Mariana Valverde (Ph.D., York)

Teaches: Theory, Law & Society
Research Interests: Sociology of law; sexuality; urban issues; social and legal theory.

William Watson (Ph.D., Cambridge)

Lecturer, Teaching Stream – Undergraduate Coordinator
Teaches: Mental disorder and criminal justice; Punishment; Criminal justice policy; Media representations of crime and criminal justice.
Research interests: Psychopathy in legal, philosophical and psychological discourses.

Scot Wortley (Ph.D., Toronto)

Associate Professor – Graduate Coordinator
Teaches: Penology
Research Interests: Street gangs; policing; youth crime and victimization; corrections; racism in the criminal justice system; social networks and crime.