Alexandra Lysova

In my PhD thesis in criminology I explore a much neglected issue in the study of partner violence, i.e., the interactional dynamics of violent incidents between intimate partners. Specifically, I examine the women’s accounts of partner violence and identify main classes of violent incidents depending on types of violent dynamics.

Other current research projects include: 1) collaboration with four scholars from the USA, the UK, and Australia on the international men’s experiences with violence study; 2) study of homicide and partner violence in Russia.

Courses taught (Far Eastern Federal University, Russia): Sociology, Family violence, Sociology of crime, Sociology of family

Research interests: Sociology of crime, gender and crime, partner/family violence, homicide, dating violence, corporal punishment of children, crime and alcohol use in Russia and post-Soviet countries

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Selected grants, fellowships and awards:

Trudeau Doctoral Award and Scholarship (2011-2015)

Barbara Frum Memorial Award in Canadian Studies (2011)

Connaught International Scholarship, University of Toronto (2010-2015)

University of Toronto Fellowship (2010-2015)

Global Supplementary Grant Program, Open Society Foundation, USA (2011)

World Health Organization, Department of Violence, Injury Prevention and Disability, Geneva, Switzerland (2014)

President of the Russian Federation research grant (2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2012-2013)

Carnegie Research Fellowship Program, Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire, USA (2009)

Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (2008)

German Chancellor Scholarship Program and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany (2006-2007)

Award and Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Excellence in Scholarship (2006)

The Best Young University Lecturer Award, Russia (2004, 2006)

Fulbright Scholarship, New York University, Sociology, USA (2003-2004)

Summer Fellowship at the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational-Emotive Behavioural Psychotherapy, USA (2004)

Scholar at the Library of Congress and Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington D.C., USA (2003)


Recent and forthcoming publications:

Lysova, A.V. & Straus, M.A. (submitted). Legitimate violence and criminal violence: A multi-nation test of the spillover theory. European Journal of Criminology.

Lysova, A.V. & Shchitov, N.G. (forthcoming in 2015). Homicide in Russia. Theoretical Criminology (Special edition on Crime and Criminal Justice in Post-Soviet Region).

Lysova, A.V. (forthcoming in 2015). Victims but also offenders: Women’s experiences with partner violence. In Helmut Kury, Slawomir Redo, and Evelyn Shea (Eds.). Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background – Prevention – Reintegration. Suggestions for Succeeding Generations. Springer.

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