Post-Doc & Junior Fellows


Junior Fellows

Junior fellows are  people doing their doctorates in other departments whose research is of interest to the Centre and who apply to be ‘fellows’ here. Occasionally the Centre also has Visiting Junior Fellows, people who are pursuing doctorates at other universities. Junior fellows have long been integral to the Centre’s mission and have enriched the Centre over the years.

Alexandra Hunter (MA Criminology, Toronto)

Doctoral Student Sociology, University of Toronto

  • Supervisor: Kelly Hannah-Moffat
  • My research interests include corrections, penal policy, prisons and imprisonment. I am currently involved in a project that examines the use and disclosure of criminal and police records with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. As part of my second year research practicum, I am working on a project that addresses the need for more empirical and conceptual analyses of the importance of context in understanding prisoner behaviour. Using data from two women’s prisons in California, I explore how the context of the prison, its features, and the subculture of its, impact both engagement in and perceptions of prison sex.  I argue that exploring women’s sexuality and imprisonment from this perspective reveals the complicated interaction of factors that are involved in shaping sexual behaviour in women’s prisons and argue for a contextual understanding of prisoner behaviour.  Findings suggest the importance of designing policies that keep the relational nature of the micro- macro-level dynamics that operate in prison and shape its social organization in mind, particularly where there is a desire to regulate certain forms of behaviour.
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Marianne Quirouette (MA Sociology, Concordia)

Doctoral Candidate Sociology, University of Toronto

  • Supervisor: Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat
  • My dissertation examines problem-solving strategies and coordination between community service providers, institutions and the criminal justice system. Pulling from 105 stakeholder interviews and 2+ years of fieldwork, I focus on the governance of multiply disadvantaged people in conflict with the law for example, people who face complex issues related to poverty, discrimination, homelessness, addiction, mental health and dementia.
  • Research Interests: Law and marginal groups, policing, sociology of punishment, homelessness, criminal courts, qualitative methods, community corrections, interdisciplinary and inter-agency work

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Jennifer Raso (LLB, University of Victoria)

SJD Candidate, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

  • Supervisor:  Denise Réaume
  • Research Interests: My doctoral research explores the decision-making practices of Canadian administrative agencies, focusing on social assistance programs.  Through a qualitative, sociolegal study of front-line decision-makers in southern Ontario, my work reveals how discretion operates in ways that are collective and negotiated, as front-line workers use discretion in relation to their supervisors, coworkers, and new regulatory technologies.  These findings challenge the archetypal independent decision-maker underlying western legal theory and the common law doctrines governing the judicial review of administrative decisions.  Further, they suggest that a rich normative universe governs administrative decision-making.  Most recently, my doctoral research was awarded the Richard Hart Prize at the University of Cambridge’s Public Law Conference.
  • Experience: I obtained my LLB from the University of Victoria, receiving the William R. MacIntyre Medal for academic achievement and community service.  Upon graduating, I articled and practiced as a litigator with the City of Toronto’s Legal Services Division, specializing in administrative, social welfare, and municipal law.  My research has benefited enormously from my time as a Junior Fellow at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Study (University of Toronto), as a Fellow at the Transnational Law Summer Institute (King’s College London), and as an invited participant in the Law and Society Association’s Graduate Student Workshop.

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Twitter: @jenraso