Admission – Undergraduate

The request period for 2015 is now closed.  There is no round 2 of admissions to this program.

Program Admission
Enrolment in the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies program is restricted because the demand for the program exceeds the number of spaces available in the program.  For this reason, students must meet the minimum admission guidelines.  The listed grade or cgpa requirement are minimums which, at times, may be increased depending on the number of enrolment requests.  While we appreciate that there are any number of extenuating factors that may impact a student’s academic performance, we regret that we are simply unable to consider requests for special consideration.

“Non-degree” or “visiting student” do not have access to Criminology and Sociolegal Studies courses/programs.  We are unable to make exceptions.

Every student in the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto (St. George Campus) is a member of one of seven colleges. You must indicate your college preferences when you apply for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science.   Selecting a college is a personal decision unrelated to program choice. For information about what to consider when choosing college, and for some quick facts about each one visit the colleges website.

Please select the appropriate link to obtain admission information for the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies program.

If you already hold a university degree, or have completed more than two years of university-level study at another university, you may only apply for degree studies in a different field. For instance, if you completed a degree in, or have majored in Economics and Sociology you cannot apply for a BA degree.  If you are admitted to a different degree program, you will be considered for a maximum of five transfer credits (one full year) for your previous studies.  Contact Enrolment Services for assistance.